The 3 Mindset Levels of an Entrepreneur


The 3 Mindset Levels of an Entrepreneur

Hello there! Welcome to my blog, “The 3 Mindset levels of an Entrepreneur”

These motivational blogs are primarily for newbie or even experienced entrepreneurs, to help cope with the mental trials of entrepreneurship. I hope these blogs will bring value and teach you how to manage whats going on upstairs, help you to understand the implications of your thoughts and how they can affect you both positively and negatively.

The Fundamentals

Entrepreneurship is made up of two basic fundamentals:

  1. Mindset
  2. Skillset

I’m sure you’ve head this advice before, “you have to master the fundamentals before you learn advanced techniques.” Most beginners who  ignore the fundamentals, have a stereotyped mentality when it comes to making money online. They want to jump in and start to earn yesterday. Some even think that it’s ‘get rich quick’ and  that success comes with little or no effort. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

It is true that on rare occasion, people have been able to start online and become successful in a very short space of time. In these cases however, we see the joy, but never the pain. The next time you hear of someone being an ‘overnight success’, do some research on their background and I’m sure you’ll find that their achievement was not as “lucky”, or quick as initially perceived.

You MUST have the right mindset and your ‘why’ must be strong enough. “I want to make money” is typical and you are destined for an uphill battle. Chances are, you’ll quit as soon as the going gets tough. You will fold. Building a profitable Skill-set is the next piece of the puzzle and that comes with acknowledging your weaknesses and doing the necessary work to get better.

Following are the three mental stages or levels of the would-be entrepreneur from beginning to end. I also offer an explanation and conclusion on each of them.

Level 1 – The ‘Emotional’ Stage (Beginning)


So you’ve had it with your job, your life situation in general sucks. You don’t have the time to enjoy the things you want to do, you work 50, 60, 70 hour weeks. You’re stressed out and you’ve had it living paycheck to paycheck. You need a solution and you need it NOW and will do anything to improve the situation for yourself and your family. You even feel as if your sanity is at stake.

This ladies and gentlemen, is the emotional stage of entrepreneurship.  It is one of vulnerability and you must totally and honestly asses your unique situation BEFORE DOING ANYTHING RASH. You have been an employee for most, if not all your life, and you should not just blindly delete your only source of income. If you’re average, you have bills to pay, a credit score to maintain and commitments to fulfill which may possibly include children. Right now, the online entrepreneurship thing is looking pretty attractive but remember, you are in the moment, and whether you realize it or not, you’re VULNERABLE.

What do you do?

Be that as it may, you have not read this helpful blog 😊 therefore you proceed. It is the 21st century. You have a problem and you need a solution. Where do you find it? Of course, on the internet. You hit Google & YouTube harder than Mayweather hit McGreggor. Hold on, wait a minute…you’re greeted with what seems to be waves and waves of online guru’s who claim to have the ‘answer’. Some of them seem too good to be true, others seem legit but you don’t trust the person that’s onscreen communicating the information to you.

You do multiple reviews of opportunities but there is conflicting information…WHAT THE HELL IS THIS…you ask in angst and frustration. Suddenly, the feeling of hopelessness and overwhelm start to manifest. You feel that lump in your stomach and rock in your throat…but you ignore, you press on. YOU CAN DO THIS you say to yourself. Find “something”, ANYTHING…and you decide on the program that stuck out the most over the last 2 to 3 hours you’ve been searching online.

Explanation & Conclusion

This is the initial mindset for most new entrepreneurs. You may identify with the situation above because you know it, oh so well. If not from your own experience, from countless others with the same sing-song…no time, no money, I’m done and I need something new. You’ve reached the level where you have actively started seeking an alternative for a negative life situation, but it’s based mostly on emotion. By human nature, you seek the easiest route to solution and you think coming online is the definite answer. You are ready for change but you must take 2 major things into consideration.

First, if you have a job, determine if you would be happy in another department of your organization. You may just be acrimonious toward your current position, maybe you might be happier in another area. Secondly, what is your plan? You must have one if you do decide to fire your boss. Make sure you have 6-12 months savings available to facilitate your monthly commitments and the investment it will take to begin your journey. Remember, you are taking the action of  investing money for mid to long term profit. Depending on your income goals, the investment will vary, but there will be some. With desire, faith and definite plans, you can see your investment through and see an ROI (Return on Investment) tenfold. You must adopt this mindset if you are going to be successful. Many people think coming over to the “E-side” is easier than having a job. It actually might be the hardest thing you ever do in your life but the returns are definitely worth it.


Level 2 – The ‘Make or Break’ stage (Middle)

So you’ve decided to take the plunge into an online opportunity. You’ve invested your time and money and you are ready to see returns at the end of the first week or worst case scenario, within 30 days. On day 29 after following all of the training, going to all of your daily motivational calls, reading your first self-help book, cutting YouTube and Facebook videos, writing blogs and the whole nine yards, you do not receive a single lead (prospect), much less a sale. Day 30 comes and you think you have failed.

The rock and the lump from the first stage return, but this time, for another reason. You’ve been scammed!! The little angel on the right side hits you with the, “I told you so” and you go into panic mode. The “abort mission” alarm flashes incessantly in your subconscious mind. Here, you have reached the make or break stage, where the men and women are separated from the boys and girls. Most people quit at this stage using excuses and self-limiting beliefs to convince themselves that they aren’t good enough to succeed, or that the opportunity is fraudulent.

Explanation & Conclusion

As an employee, you have been conditioned to be compensated for effort, be it weekly, bi-monthly or on a monthly basis. Naturally, by process of normality, you expect to see some sort of return or at  least some kind of activity within this time period. You have to adjust and eventually eliminate this mindset because you could possibly go 60, 90 or even 120 days without seeing a result! Truth be told most people don’t get results because they don’t do much of anything at all. After that, they typically end up blaming the system and everyone else from the sponsor to the CEO for their failure.

This occurrence is normal and should be expected. It is impossible to define an average time to profitability for a start-up business, on or offline. Different start-ups will measure profitability in different ways. In conventional terms it can take up to two to three years! That being said, you are in for a marathon and not a sprint when it comes to entrepreneurship. If that’s something you’re not willing to accept, without a shadow of a doubt, entrepreneurship is not for you.

Level 3 – The ‘Imperfect Action’ stage (End, Where you Want to be)

imperfect action


You’ve reached day 60. You’ve gotten some leads, but still no sales yet. You feel anxious, defeated, broken…but in spite of all of this, you continue to take action. Imperfect action. Sure, you think you suck on video…you’ve never had proper training and you have a crap camera. But you managed somehow, to remained consistent. Every single day.

Now you have 60 pieces of online content. Even if that content doesn’t receive immediate engagement, your imperfect action has brought you one step closer to mastering the art of video marketing. Your faith is unwavering and on day 67 you get your first sale. The feeling invigorates your entire body. This online thing actually works! Now, that anxious feeling of trepidation suddenly transforms to one of motivation and focus. You double-down on your efforts and your mind starts to race with new ideas on how you can duplicate your result. The world is yours.

Explanation & Conclusion

The Imperfect Action stage is the most important of the 3 levels. Decide affirmatively, to see your goal through, in spite of the numbers being small or non-existent. Experienced marketers will try to belittle you and take shots at your imperfect action. It may make you question your methods and their morals. Pay the negative backlash no mind and do it anyway. You are coach-able. Assimilate and make adjustments using the snide remarks and low-blows as your fuel. You must be able to act in spite of fear of failure. We all fell while taking our first steps…but we got back up and we pressed on. This is the mark of the true entrepreneur and one that must be adopted from the very first level, if we are to succeed on our own in the new digital market.


Training and More Information

Get started on your journey to becoming an online entrepreneur with the right training in a solid community. Check out my #1 recommended opportunity here.


Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a terrific day!


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