Passive Income: 4 Ways to Earn it Using a Website 2018

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4 Ways to Earn Passive Income Using a Website (Internationally) 2018

All about Passive Income!

Passive income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it. Below we will look at a 4 ways you can achieve passive income using a Website over time, with a bit of work.


1. The Website ‘Niched’ method


First of all, let’s look at an authority (or ‘niched’) website specifically, which earns passive income for food truckers.

What’s interesting here is that Pat Flynn (the website creator) is not a food truck owner himself. He knew absolutely nothing about the food truck business before he started! More importantly, he had an interest on the subject, did the necessary research and talked to a lot of people on the topic. After he gathered enough information, he then started a blog. Over time, the blog reached between 25 – 50k monthly users. As a result, he  hired a team of writers to update content on the site. This added yet another source of passive income to his inflows.



The income is broken down into Google Ad-sense revenue (Income generated by Google Ads placed on a website, auto-generated from the content written on the page) and the sale of two eBooks, ‘How to Start a Food Truck Business, The Definitive Guide & “The Food Truck Growth Kit”.

How many ideas and interests do you have that you can easily start a blog and apply these  strategies?

Creating passive income sources are pretty cool right?


The next authority/niche website is called:

Pat used the same principle he used for


He obtained the necessary information on how to become a security guard by calling firms throughout the U.S. Keep in mind, there are different rules and procedures state to state. He then documented that information which allowed him to use it as a foundation to build the website.

The bottom line here is, you can create various streams of online income by simply finding useful topics (that you may or may not be necessarily passionate about), gathering as much information as possible on them and then using a medium to make the information easily accessible (blog, YouTube etc)

It is also perfectly sensible to look for ways to generate an income online through the passions and skills that you already have.



2. Software & Product demonstrations

If you use software that already works, you can create demonstrations on how you can use the software, providing tips, tricks and best practices.

You can put them on YouTube and on your Website and you will generate Affiliate commissions as a result of those recommendations and demos.



3. Writing Books

You can write books and put them on Amazon or sell them through your own website. You put in all of the work to write the book once and then you sell it over and over again.

Books position you as an authority and as a result, you can promote them through your email Auto-responder. A book is also low-cost with high value and provides a specific outcome or transformation for your audience.


4. The Skill/Affiliate Marketing combo method

The next method we will cover is the ‘Skills with Affiliate Marketing’ combo method.

We will use the example of a Podcast and pretend you currently run and have all the skills and knowledge required to start one.

First, create a step-by-step tutorial on your website on how to build and run a successful Podcast. Remember you can use any skill or service in which you are knowledgeable. Next, you will list the products & tools required. You then place Affiliate links on the website to those products & tools.  Once the visitor uses your affiliate links to make a purchase, you will earn commissions on each sale.


Bonus Tip


In addition, you can also build an email list from the article. This will get you targeted subscribers who are interested your product or service. Now you can follow up, therefore allowing you to continue to market to them.

If you’d like more information on how  to start a digital online business that makes you passive income from anywhere in the world, check out my number one recommended program, Legendary Marketer.



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